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Cela pourrait être l’information la plus importante que vous ayez jamais lue si vous souhaitez créer votre propre entreprise en Afrique du Sud. Comment tirer parti de ces succès ? Celles-ci étaient auparavant difficile, mais il est plus facile que vous ne pouvez l'imaginer pour ouvrir une entreprise. "

Les Sud-Afrcains sont les premiers fournisseurs de machines sur le marché SMME.

At Zhauns we are in the business of creating Profitable & Affordable Business Opportunities for small and mediums sized business we do this by selling machines that allow entrepreneurs to start their own businesses within the manufacturing sector.

For more than 40 years Zhauns has been actively involved in the SA economy through selling machines that manufacture Toilet Rolls , Roof Sheeting , Ice Cream , PVC pipe extrusion , Brick Machines , Juice Manufacturing Machines , Detergent making machines , Popcorn Machines , Key Cutting Machines ,and many more products.

Whether you are looking to start your own Vending Business, create your own franchise opportunities or looking for opportunities within the manufacturing sector, we are the people to speak to. Not only are we the largest supplier of small – medium size machinery for start-up and expanding businesses. We offer:

  • Free Installation

  • Free Training

  • Raw materials if required

  • Help with your Business Plan

  • Financing and Free grants if required

  • Live product demonstrations

  • Incredible Profit Potential

  • Low operating costs. Big Returns

Zhauns driving Profitable and Affordable new business opportunities in Manufacturing.

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About Zhauns

Doors to business opportunities don't just open by themselves, they have to be unlocked & it's up to you to turn the knob.

At Zhauns we create BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES that are EASY TO OPERATE, but that are DIFFICULT TO COPY. Business opportuinies that offer Incredible Profit Potential with Low operating costs and Big Returns!