Anyone can start a business with Zhauns

Affordable new business opportunities.

Have you ever thought about starting your own manufacturing business? The thought may have crossed your mind many times but so have the start-up costs of starting your business. But what if I told you that starting your own business by purchasing a machine from Zhauns has never been more affordable.

Zhauns are the sellers of manufacturing machinery whereby people can use these machines to start their own businesses or expand and diversify their current business. There are many success stories of people who have started businesses with a Zhauns machine.

For over 40 years, Zhauns has been at the forefront of South African entrepreneurship and have been involved in growing the South African economy and fighting job loss through selling machines that manufacture toilet Rolls, Roof Sheeting, Ice Cream, PVC pipe extrusion, Brick Machines, Juice Manufacturing Machines, Detergent making machines, Popcorn Machines, Key Cutting Machines, and many more.

Why choose Zhauns?


Zhauns not only offer great quality manufacturing machines but they are at affordable prices. All our clients are 100% happy with their purchases and they are now running successful small businesses. All you need is a Zhauns machine and raw materials and you can start manufacturing whatever you want from your own garage or home. This way you can run a ride business at home just for some extra money.


Zhauns stock almost any machine you can think of. The beauty about these machines is that you can buy more than one and have a fairly diversified business. You can produce related products such as toilet paper and soap or you can produce products that are complete opposites like a candle making machine an air pocket maker – these air pocket making machines are used to create air pockets that protect fragile goods in transit, you could say they are the new bubble wrap.


What people have bought

The two latest success stories that Zhauns were a part of was 2 people who started producing toilet paper. They are both now running successful small businesses producing toilet paper for schools and other government institutions.

Zhauns manufacturing machines are for anyone and you can be the next success story. All you have to do is trust your idea and put everything you have into it until you succeed. 

Soap Making Machine