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Heart / Asthma Attacks Don't be without it

Lightweight Emergency Powdered Oxygen Plastic Tank 1,5kgs In an emergency you cannot be without it, you cannot afford to wait for help!!!!! From ambulance, medics, doctors, etc. Save a life for ±*$30 or *R250 per application.

Mr Mandela & other well known people always travels with our powdered oxygen tank.

Mr Mandela's aid carrying OUR oxygen, on his travels.

PORTABLE, Tried & Tested


  • Oxygen purity in excess of 99.5%
  • Oxygen - Indefinite shelf life
  • Unique very light-weight plastic tank (3 liters)
  • Non explosive / Non-flammable
  • No servicing required / No moving parts
  • Reliable - Safe / Maintenance - Free
  • Portable - Lightweight (3,3 lbs)(1.5kg)
  • Flow rate average 6lt per min
  • Replenishable - Refill pack available
  • Unit non corrosive
  • Cylinder not pressurised
  • No Medical experience needed
  • Gold Award for International Invention
  • We will post anywhere in the world
  • Duty Free worldwide
  • Nebulizer fittings available
  • Used successfully on Kilimanjaro, Mt. Everest and military compounds etc.
  • Vital in High Rise Buildings, Farms, Boats, Sports Events, Old Age Homes, Planes, Long Haul Trucks etc.

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