starting a soap manufacturing business

Everyone needs soap. It’s the first step to having good hygiene and of course a clean body. Soap is for everyone, whether it’s in rural areas, prisons, schools, towns, hospitals, bars, etc. I think I’ve made my point. You can try producing some small quantities for now to make a bit of extra money. If people like your soap and the demand grows, you can purchase a soap manufacturing machine from Zhauns and start your own full scale soap manufacturing business.

Starting A Soap Manufacturing Business

You may think that manufacturing soap bars is for huge corporations with many large machines that can pump out hundreds of bars of soap per minute. But what if I told you that you can start your own soap manufacturing business? Even if you don’t do it full time, you can manufacture soap bars as a fairly lucrative side business and enjoy an extra income each month. Homemade bar soaps are often a huge hit because of their organic ingredients, beautiful designs and innovative recipes. Even though these soaps are seen as a luxury, they are inexpensive which is makes them ever so attractive to consumers. Your customer base will also include those who buy and give soaps as gifts. In order to have a successful soap manufacturing business you will need a quality product that is at the price and is easily available for your target market. 

To manufacture soap by hand you will need:

To start making handmade soap at home you will not need any special ingredients or machinery. You only need; caustic soda, oil, lye and some clean water. All these ingredients are readily available in your area and they aren’t very expensive. The equipment you will need – if you can even call it that – will be a plastic bowl, a weighing scale, a thermometer, a glass mixing jug and a couple of ordinary mixing spoons.

Where you can find the ingredients:

Clean water – Available from the tap.  

Oil – you can use cooking oil, palm oil or coconut oil. Available at most grocery stores

Caustic Soda – you can find this at a store such as Makro.

Zhauns offer many types of manufacturing machines which enable normal citizens to start their own profitable manufacturing businesses. Even if producing soap isn’t really your thing, there are so many different manufacturing machines to choose from, you are sure to find the one that suits you.